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Food Suppliers Matching System

FoodBuyer provide an online matching marketplace for Hong Kong restaurants and food suppliers. In order to reduce the sourcing time and shorten the effort of price comparison, we have developed a computing system performing the matching and pairing processes, looking for the cheapest combination of the requested list of products by fulfilling different criteria including locations / delivery date / payment method etc.


An effective communication and deep understanding are vital during the whole project especially in design stage, such user workflow, website functionality, system structure and methodology adopted to the platform have been designed under the teams’ professional knowledge and explicit planning before development.




What we did

  • Product System with Inventory Control
  • Shopping Cart
  • Matching and Pairing System
  • Announcement System
  • SMS / WhatsApp / Fax Notification
  • Bonus Point Reward System

Key Features

Allow your target audience to join as member for full access, foster relationships and customer loyalty.

Allow you to control who has the accessibility not only to increase on security, but also filter unnecessary information to prevent overload.

24/7 and the promptness in respond enquiry can help to build valuable customer relationship and increases customer engagement.

Integrate various applications used within the business to provide a seamless user experience in a secure environment.

Quick and seamless payment processing that allows convenient and secured payment experience for consumers.

Encrypts all your data and protects your privacy. Create a secure user environment that you and your customers can rest assured of using it.