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Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

e+ Portfolios Learning Platform

In order to encourage continuous learning for teenagers, The Living Life Academy of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups proposed in building a e+ Portfolios Learning Platform where users can establish their own e-Portfolio of learning. ANGLIA developed this system allowing users to create an account and simply entering their learning courses and integrating each progress, hence, it will analyse the personal ability, and provide a clear career planning guidance for the youth's personal development, further education and employment. Users can then generate a e-Portfolio themselves with all the records they entered as well as their personal ability analysis in diagrams.




What we did

  • Membership System
  • Data Submission
  • PDF Generation
  • Diagram Generation

Key Features

Acquiring critical insights on user behaviour and overall performance. Optimize your application for higher engagement by keep tracking the data.

Encrypts all your data and protects your privacy. Create a secure user environment that you and your customers can rest assured of using it.

Notify users for necessary information instantly, either by SMS, email, or in-app notification.

Marketing your products or services by email allows you to target large groups of clients and potential clients by encouraging repeat website visits to increase overall sales.

Allow users to filled in information in an easy approach by the assist on online form, and also keeping all applications well organized.