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Hong Kong Fire Services Department

AED Anywhere for Anyone

The "AED Anywhere for Anyone" ("AAA") Programme of Hong Kong Fire Services Department (HKFSD) aims to facilitate the provision and use of automated external defibrillator (AED) in the community. In order to meet this objective, ANGLIA has applied the GPS function of Google Map as the key factor of the web-based application to highlight as well as to build a better user experience on finding the AED locations.


This application also provides a concrete platform to different stakeholders of the society who could register the AEDs directly on it, therefore, it could help the application itself to progressively increase the database of the quantity of public accessible AEDs across Hong Kong.


What we did

  • Responsive Website Development
  • AED Search Function
  • GPS Function
  • Login Platform for Multiple Privileges
  • "Anyone" Card Game
  • QR Code Scanning and Generator

Key Features

Gives your audience the best browsing experience possible on tablet and mobile, without forcing them to adapt the screen themselves.

Allow your target audience to join as member for full access, foster relationships and customer loyalty.

Allow you to control who has the accessibility not only to increase on security, but also filter unnecessary information to prevent overload.

Acquiring critical insights on user behaviour and overall performance. Optimize your application for higher engagement by keep tracking the data.

Encrypts all your data and protects your privacy. Create a secure user environment that you and your customers can rest assured of using it.

Allow your customer to join an event without leaving their place, and support payment right after the submission in a seamless flow.